Topics of Interests

Topics include but not limited to:

Computer Applications in Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Graphics and Visualization

Health Informatics

Computational Biology

Databases and Data Science

Computer Education

Data Mining

Information Communication Technology

Machine Learning

Object Recognition and Detection

Wireless Communication

Human-Computer Interaction

Digital Signal Processing

Network Analysis

Program Analysis

Big Data Analytics

Data Compression and Database Systems

Robotics and Automation

Computer Technology Applications

Natural Language Understanding

Deep Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Information Extraction

Facial Expression Recognition

Trusted Computing

Computational Mathematics

Adaptive Modulation and Coding

Computational Simulation and Analysis

Data Visualization and Virtual Reality

Channel Capacity and Channel Coding

Continuous and Discrete Methodologies

Project Management

Industrial Bus Control Applications

Measurement and Diagnosis Systems

Web-based Software Engineering

Computer Vision and Optical Imaging

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical Sensors and Computer Interfaces

Laser Technology and Computer Applications

Optical Computer Storage Technology

Optical Neural Networks and Computing

Computer Generated Holograms

Quantum Computing and Optics

Optical Security and Encryption

Computer-simulated optical experiments


Information Security and Applications

Network Security

User Privacy

Application Security

Computer Security

Information Security

Database Security

Wireless Network Security

Attacks and Counter-measures

Vulnerability Analysis Detection

Malware Analysis and Prevention

Network Attack and Defense

Optical Encryption Technology

Optical Sensors in Security Surveillance

Quantum Cryptography

Optical Steganography